Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is me. Like the opening of Pandora's box, the past year has revealed much of the evils buried in my heart, evils that I never thought I was capable of. The virtues that I crowned myself with, such as unflinching love, has fallen off my bowed head.

Though I have arisen from defeated knees, I find myself weak, fighting a losing battle against the deceptions of attraction. Standing before the crossroads, the path leading to regret seems so enticing. That searing wound inflicted by Regret was healing, but it had severely weakened me. I wanted to fill the gap that Rejection has sundered. 

She looked at me with those eyes, those that had belonged to the Princess.

The Princess was a flawless ruby; pure of heart and sublime in beauty. She saw me through those eyes of longing, reflecting the same passion that sparkled in mine. However, in a moment of utter foolishness, I took her for granted. An honourable knight took her away upon a fine steed, and rode towards a magnificent future - a future I could not give.

But now a stranger stands on the left path, her eyes reminiscent of the Princess. My steadfastness wavers, and my heart sways with frightening ease. You should not take her for granted, as you did with the Princess. Go; hold her hand. The darkness convincingly tempts, and I fear that I would be taken in. However, the voice of my King beckons me to the path on the right.

My King has prepared another of His daughters at the long end of the road, an undeserving gift for one who has treated His other daughter so casually. Where else could I go?

Nevertheless, I cannot believe my fickleness. More than that, I am disgusted at how I solicited the stranger's feelings, only to cruelly cast them aside. But she would not the first victim of the Heartbreaker. There were others, not to mention the first Princess. The hate and fear of me grows, for I had become the very thing I had sworn against.

My only hope is in the King, who had borne my wicked actions, and had declared me a free man. May the Light of my hope dispel the darkness that troubles my soul.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

The Forbidden Fruit

What is your name? I am most curious.
Your eyes, rich as ripen grapes.
Your smile, fresh as the yield of spring.

But to call this love is ludicrous.
Your name, it eludes my tracings;
Your heart, it remains a mystery.

Nagging conscience harps me,
"Remember Adam, attraction deceives
For love's sake, this fruit, forbid."

Tragic or joyful, I cannot tell.
Maybe we were never meant to be.
Maybe you are reserved for the more worthy.