Friday, December 23, 2011

Mario and Juliet (Part 2)

Part 2: Paradise

In a brief moment, a light dispelled the shadows. Mario was sitting gleefully besides Princess Peach on a large and long carriage. They were engaged in a lively conversation, with their eyes locked in a loving gaze. He talked about his life. She laughed. The world and its cares faded away as they dived deep into a sea of bliss.

He had no doubt that Princess Peach was an angel sent from the heavens - the most radiant of them all. Tall and ravishing, she stood out among other roses. Her face was set with glistening eyes, perfectly crowned with alluring eyelashes. When she smiled, her cheeks popped out in cheerful agreement, revealing twin dimples that he had grown to adore.

She was kindness manifest; none was tenderer than her, save his own mother. When he spoke, she listened with unbelievable attention. Most wonderfully, she loved him for who he was. She hopped through life with a childlike innocence, a virtue that matched her divine beauty.

How he longed to hold her hand! She too made no effort to hide her desire to be with him. Yet he did not ask her out on a date. He had vowed to remain single until his duties were finished. Besides, he would only have to wait for half a year. Nonetheless, time would test his love for her; a test in which he would soon falter.

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