Monday, April 16, 2012

Like Sinking Sand

A pebble. I picked it up and tapped it against my forehead. I wondered how Goliath felt when David drove one of these right through his cranium. Putting it down, I went to the kitchen and spotted a bottle of Italian olive oil. I started to imagine it crashing upon my head, sending shattered pieces of glass flying in all directions, dripping oil all over my hair and head. I turned to the left and my eyes were greeted by knives. I took a step back, and stopped my thoughts from sinking deeper.

I had tried to prove myself again and I had failed. Everyday was a struggle to leave the world of dreams to face the harshness of broken reality. My existence seemed to be merely a case study for others to learn where not to go wrong. The more I struggled, the deeper I sank, and fighting felt more pointless with each passing day.

His cold words still pierced my mind like frozen shards of ice, devoid of any empathic warmth. My failure would be unacceptable. I feared facing up to him. The wrestle to get up was long and hard, but finally I arose at noon.

However, deep down, I knew the seed of destiny was buried inside, and its shoots were about to surface. It is hard to believe that the best is still in store for me, but I must, for I know that He will never fail.

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